Capcom has released the final two teaser trailer for Resident Evil 7. Not only are they terrifying and creepy, but the last one also revealed the date of the next update for The Beginning Hour demo.

The ninth video, titled Shadow, gives us a glimpse of a frighting new enemy. It looks somewhat similar to the Regenerators from Resident Evil 4, and can take a few bullets without flinching.

In the tenth and final video we meet Aunt Rhody. While it’s not immediately clear, she’s probably a member of the Baker family. She seems like a harmless old lady, but in the world of Resident Evil looks can be deceiving. At the end of the video it is revealed that Tape 3 – the next update for Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour – will be released in “early December”.

There’s no word on what this update will include, but since Resident Evil 7 will be out on January 24, I’m guessing it will be the final one. Hopefully it will bring us closer to solving the Baker family mystery.

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