Pokemon Sun and Moon isn’t scheduled for launch until November 18, ten days from now. However, one anonymous player already got their hands on the full game release, and is posting screenshots online.

Needless to say, this recent leak contains massive spoilers for the latest Pokemon game.

More and more screenshots make their way online, but so far we saw the base stats for Trumbeak Rowlett, DartrixDecidueye. The grass starter will come with the Overgrow ability that raises its attack by 50 percent if its HP is less than or equal to a third of its total health. Additionally, we can also see that Decidueye has its own Z-Crystal called Decidium Z.

We are shown story elements, the moment players choose their starter Pokemon, and the in-game menu, where we’ll be able to access our  Trainer PassportPokedex and bag. More technical screenshota re also available, showing the option screen that lets you change things like Battle Effects and Battle Style, as well as language options that cannot be changed during play.

It’s likely that the leaked copy of the game is a review copy given to a YouTuber so they can give their early impressions on the title. This isn’t the first time anew Pokemon game is suffers a leak just before release. In 2013, when Pokemon X and Y was leaked before its release date, players found out about Mega Pokemon that were not revealed previously. In the case of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, all of the information regarding the remakes of Generation 3 was revealed prematurely.

we’ll have more spoiler-packed information regarding the leaked content as the story develops.

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