After revealing the Andromeda Initiative, BioWare has released the first cinematic trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda. See it above to officially start your N7 Day celebrations.

I can only describe this cinematic trailer as “fucking amazing”. Anything less doesn’t do it justice. We officially meet the default male version of the Pathfinder, the man leading humanity (and two other races) on a journey to a new galaxy. According to theĀ Andromeda Initiative recruitment page, this 600-year journey was set to start on 2185, the same year as the events of Mass Effect 2.

Could this mean the people aboard the massive ship, who spend all this time in cryostasis, are no aware of the whole Reaper invasion and its consequences? If so, it would be interesting to see how BioWare manages to tie it all together.

However, judging by the trailer, it seems like the expedition to Andromeda has bigger things to worry about. We see glimpses of an known and seemingly hostile alien race that isn’t too pleased by the Pathfinder’s arrival. Interesting to say the least.

In other Mass Effect Andromeda news, we also know how the game’s official box art will look, thanks to Best Buy. We’re not sure if that a leak or not, but just in case it will be taken down we posted the images of the standard and Deluxe editions below.

Mass Effect Andromeda is currently scheduled to be released in spring 2017, although we also have theĀ much narrower release window of March 21, 2017. That is if you are willing to believe rumors.

mass-effect-andromeda-box-art mass-effect-andromeda-box-art-2 mass-effect-andromeda-box-art-3

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