Trutle Rock have released the final campaign for the original Left 4 Dead, eight years after the game was released. It is still unfinished, but you can download and play it right now.

The campaign is called Dam It, and it is supposed to tie Dead Air and Blood Harvest together. Dam It also comes with two standalone survival maps that were also never released. Bear it mind that since the campaign isn’t finished, some features aren’t working properly, or at all. However, Turtle Rock assures us it is playable from beginning to end.

Here is a list of known issues with Dam It:

  • Fire, smoke and explosions do not trigger panic events in the hangars.
  • Zombies do not crawl all the time in the orchard.
  • Farm house mob does not spawn in the far side of the woods.
  • Covered bridge does not collapse with explosions.
  • Burned forest area is missing wandering fires.
  • The burning forest section has a burn trigger that stays on too long. If you move quickly you’ll take burn damage.
  • The dam spawn room is missing health kits and weapons.
  • The elevator models have an offset origin in the dam. Players can still get on and use them, but they are invisible and wall collision is missing.

The new campaign is only available on PC. If you have Left 4 Dead on your Steam account, just download Dam It and enjoy some free DLC for one of the best co-op games out there.

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