Blizzard has officially revealed Overwatch’s newest hero – Sombra. Though we already know how see looks, now we can here her voice, see a few of her moves, and even read some information about her.

As one of the world’s most notorious hackers, Sombra uses her skills to manipulate and blackmail those in power to get what she wants. But before she came this purple-wearing black hat, she was an orphan taken in by Mexico’s Los Muertos gang, where she used her abilities to support the revolution against the government.

After stumbling upon a worldwide conspiracy, Sombra went off the grid for a while, before reemerging stronger and more upgraded than ever, and determined to find out the truth behind the conspiracy she had uncovered. She joined Talon and is believed to be behind massive cyberattacks against  LumériCo and Volskaya Industries.

Gameplay-wise, Sombra is an offense character, with a difficulty rating of three stars. She uses stealth and debilitating attacks to disrupt enemies and make them vulnerable for attacks.

She is armed with a Machine Pistol, a fully-automatic weapon that fires a short-range spread. Her Hack ability lets her to temporarily stop enemies from using their abilities, or hacks first aid kits to make them useless to her opponents. The Thermotic Camo ability turns her invisible for a short period of time and boosts her speed, while her Translocator allows Sombra to quickly teleport to the beacon’s location while it is active.

Sombra’s Ultimate is EMP, a wide discharge of electromagnetic energy that destroys enemy barriers and shields and hacking all opponents caught in the blast.

Sombra will be available on the Overwatch Public Test Region (PTR) server for PC players next week. The final release date for PC and consoles is sometime in the near future.

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