Blizzard is bringing new (and old) content to Diablo 3 in celebration of the original Diablo’s 20 years anniversary.

Blizzcon 2016 brought a wealth of news to the Diablo community, including the fact that players would now be able to experience the original Diablo in the Darkening of Tristram content patch. The exact contents of the retro patch have yet to be detailed, but it was announced that players will be able to select the original graphics option with 8-degree directional movements.

Diablo 3 will also be receiving a new playable class in the coming year through the Rise of the Necromancer expansion. Although still in development, the DLC will let players play as one of the Priests of Rathma (or simply Necromancer), and also gain access to two new character slots, an in-game pet and more unannounced surprises as well.

However, the biggest Diablo news out of Blizzcon 2016 was the announcement of two new locations for Diablo 3, called The Temple of the First Born and Shrouded Moors. Nothing besides the names was actually revealed, but what’s interesting is that there’s been no mention as to whether these locations will be a part of the Rise of the Necromancer pack, or if they’ll only be available separately.

There is plenty of news coming out of Blizzcon 2016, and even more is sure to come over the next few months. In the meantime, you can expect the Diablo 3 Anniversary content to hit at the end of the year, and Rise of the Necromancer to arrive some time in 2017.

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