HTC, Syntrend, and the tech developers at SteelSeries and AMD have partnered together to open a new VR Arcade. The arcade is called HTC Viveland, and is located in Taipei, the capitol of Taiwan.

The new arcade currently supports over 20 different experiences in a 330 square meter facility that mixes traditional virtual reality with the newer methods of mixed or shared reality. Viveland is obviously outfitted with HTC Vive headsets, but also features intricately detailed sets for Vive exclusives like The Walk and Frost Defense, which allow for a more immersive experience when interacting with a virtual world.

The arcade itself sits on the third floor of the Syntrend Creative Park facility in Taipei and charges guests a fee that could be described as a “fair” price for 2016. Guests pay for limited access to the various VR experiences which range from $4.76 – $9.53 per 15 minute session. To access premium experiences such as Everest VR, visitors pay a minimum $6.35 per 15 minute session, with longer sessions also available.

HTC’s Viveland has brought one of the first VR Arcades to Taipei ahead of the planned Starbreeze Studio VR Arcade in Los Angeles and just after The Void VR theme park in Salt Lake City Utah. Viveland is now open to the public, so you better start brushing up on your Taiwanese.

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