I’ve been waiting for Routine, a first-person horror game set on an an abandoned moon base, ever since it was first revealed in 2012. It even found a spot on our “most anticipated horror games” list back in 2014. The game was initially set to be released in 2013, but since I’m talking about it right here you can probably guess it never made the dateline.

Today, indie developer Lunar Software has released a trailer for Routine, three years since the previous video was released. The trailer is a bit light in terms of gameplay (though, it does show gameplay), but it does show more of the game’s 70’s sci-fi vibe, and a glimpse of one of the enemies.

At the end of the trailer, we finally get a solid release window of March 2017. Considering the game’s last update was almost a year ago, and contained only three screenshots, these are pretty big news.

“We’ll hopefully be able to update you guys a few more times before release, as we stamp off content and prepare to finally share Routine with everyone,” the studio said in the official post. It would be nice to get a most substantial gameplay video in the near future, just to get a real sense of the game.

Routine is now set for March 2017, and is currently a PC exclusive.

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