Ladies and gentleman, Overwatch fans of all ages. We present to you your newest hero – Sombra!

Sombra art

Yes, this is an official fine art piece from Blizzard, which was hosted on the company’s servers before it took it down. This image appear to confirm an earlier leak that first showed Sombra in all her purple glory. At the bottom right you can see the signature of John Polidora, a senior concept artist at Blizzard.

Of course, this can all be a fake, or an elaborate mind game Blizzard is playing with its fans, but the fact the company bothered to pull down the image makes me believe otherwise.

We still don’t know when Sombra will officially “hack her way” into Overwatch, but with BlizzCon just around the corner we can presume it will be announced soon. I guess we can all wait a few more days.

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