Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has two new teaser trailers, inviting the gaming community to take a closer look and use their imagination when exploring the creepy new environments. The two features being highlighted in the two new trailers are the puzzles and hidden items that help add depth to the exploration.

In volume 7, “A Closer Look”, the player finds themselves exploring a side room while looking for anything useful. As players interacts with objects, they can discover that seemingly meaningless boxes may very well contain something important inside. Gamers will need to explore every inch of the mansion in order to find every secret the game holds.

Volume 8 is rightfully titled “Imagination”, as it teases how the game will challenge the player to solve very strange puzzles. This one in particular requires players to use shadow puppetry in order to create a silhouette over a picture. What happens afterwards is still a mystery, but it is very clear that due to their limited inventory, players will need to venture out in search of the missing pieces, and use the storage box to house them until they can solve the puzzle.

Gamers can find all of the dark secrets hidden within the mansion when Resident Evil 7 is released on January 24, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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