Those of you who celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year will be thrilled to know that Tarsier Studios has released an in-browser demo for the very creepy Little Nightmares.

The demo is more of a “terrifying interactive experience” than coherent piece of gameplay. It offers a sense of the kind of atmosphere and puzzles we can expect in the full game. Through the demo, you will “Discover its crazy architecture in the company of Nomes and discover our famous Chefs’ high quality cuisine.” I have feeling that “high quality” means us.

If you complete the demo, you’ll get a a Tengu mask, which is an exclusive piece of DLC to be used in the game when it’s released in Spring 2017, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

You can find the browser demo embedded below, so as long as you don’t mind a few little nightmares, go right ahead and play it on All Hallows Eve.

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