Hitman will be travelling to Japan today, October 31, for the sixth and final episode of the season. Agent 47 lands in Hokkaido, Japan, where he’ll be taking out two targets at a luxurious private hospital.

Square Enix has released a short trailer, teasing the new location, but it doesn’t show much. I’m not sure whether the targets are patients or doctors (or maybe both), but I do know that 47 looks pretty badass wearing a yellow motorcycle suit and helmet, Kill Bill style.

The trailer makes Hokkaido seem like a really interesting place to explore. The hospital itself is a “fusion of Japanese beauty and cutting-edge technology, featuring its own Zen gardens, organic sushi restaurant and traditional Japanese hot spring.” Everything on that list sounds to me like an unfortunate accident waiting to claim an unsuspecting victim.

Episode 6 will be released worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 31 at 3pm CET / 7am PT. On the same day, the Hitman servers will be down from maintenance since 11am CET / 3am PT, as IO Interactive prepare to launch the episode. During this period, players will receive a mandatory 5-8GB update, plus Episode 6 itself, if they purchased it. The whole affair should be around 12-14GB.

Here’s the list of what Episode 6 will include, as it appears in the release notes:

  • New Destination: Hokkaido, Japan.
  • New Story mission: Situs Inversus
  • 7 new Guided Opportunities for “Situs Inversus”
  • 20 levels of Hokkaido Mastery, with the following unlocks:
    • 9 new Hokkaido ‘Starting Locations’
    • 7 new Hokkaido ‘Agency Pickup Locations’
    • 6 new weapon/gear unlocks
  • New suit for Hokkaido: VIP Patient
  • 70+ Hokkaido-specific challenges
  • 7 new trophies/achievements
  • New ‘The Sarajevo Six’ Contract. Target 6: The Controller. (PlayStation 4 Exclusive)
  • Note: Agent 47 starts in Hokkaido with a limited loadout. Upon reaching Mastery level 20, the full loadout will be available.


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