Hidetaka Suehiro, better known as Swery65, is leaving Access Games. Swery announced his retirement on Twitter, attributing it to his continuing health problems, though these seem to be getting better.

Suehiro has been on a “short break” from game development for exactly one year, in order to deal with his reactive hypoglycemia. Today, he confirmed that he will have to leave his studio due to his condition.

For those who are not familiar with his work, Hidetaka Suehiro is best known for Deadly Premonition, a thriller inspired by the classic TV show Twin Peaks. He also worked on titles such as Extermination, Lord of Arcana and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die – all extremely weird games.

It’s good to know Suehiro is doing better these days, but we are still sad to see such a unique developer leave the industry. Hopefully it won’t be for good, and we’ll still get to enjoy Swery’s weird sense of humor in future titles. In the meantime, we wish him all the best. At least he left us this amazing photo of his ink and butt, as one of the pin-ups for the Men of Game Development 2017 calendar. Such glory.

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