Microsoft has partnered with lead hardware makers to produce an affordable line of virtual reality headsets. The headsets will be produced by HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer, and will start at $299.

Microsoft’s VR technology will be the “first and only with inside-out, six-degrees of freedom.” To clarify, this means the headsets will come with internal sensors that remove the need for any external sensors or cameras. Basically, all you need is the VR headset itself, and nothing more.

“Unlike every other virtual reality headset in the market today, there will be zero need for a separate room and complicated setup,” said Terry Meyers, Microsoft’s EVP of the Windows and Devices Group.

“While the less immersive VR accessories today cost more than $500, or require a new expensive device, these accessories will start at just $299 and work with affordable laptops and PCs.”

No specs or other information was revealed, but we know the VR headsets will be compatible with the Windows 10 Creators Update, which allows users to create, scan, print and share 3D models.

The picture below gives us an indication how Microsoft’s VR will look like. We can see that the screen is attached to a headband, similar to the design of the PlayStation VR headset.


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