Countess is the newest hero to enter the Paragon arena and her bloodthirsty spells make her one of Epic Games’ most deadly creations yet.

The new vampiric hero relies heavily on her speed to outmaneuver and outsmart her opponents. Blade Siphon, her most dangerous close range attacks, spins her swords around her body, causing damage to nearby enemies granting a percentage of her max health with each hit.

Shadow Slip, on the other hand, is a quick in and out type of attack. After targeting a character or minion, she teleports to them (with a pretty amazing character animation) and deals basic damage while slowing them down. If triggered again after the damage is dealt, Shadow Slip makes the Countess teleport back to her starting position, giving her a chance to escape.

Dark Tide is Countess’s area-of-effect attack that sends a red cloud in front of her to deal damage to all enemies in that area. Last but most certainly not least, is Feast. Feast teleports Countess to a nearby hero character where she then stuns the character and deals a critical hit to their health. The attack is deadly and accurate, but locks down Countess for the duration of the attack.

Countess is joining the ranks of Paragon’s ever-growing cast of deadly warriors, and she seems more than capable of taking them on. Players can download Countess for free when she launches into the Paragon arena on October 25.

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