Guerrilla Games, the developers behind Horizon: Zero Dawn, have made an all new developer diary to showcase the evolution of the game’s post-apocalyptic world and mechanized antagonists.

Beginning with the very simple idea of a world where machines are the dominate “lifeform”, the development team eventually zeroed in on a more organic environment that has a place for everything. In Horizon: Zero Dawn, each machine is based off of an existing animal, in both look at function.

The Shellwalkers, for instance, were modeled after hermit crabs, and carry large chests on their back. The Shellwalker is able to collect valuable items from its travels that the player can then loot. We also learn more about the aquatic Snapmaw, a crocodile-like enemy we haven’t seen before.

The diary goes into great depth on the design themes behind the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn, which players will explore when the game is released on February 28, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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