Capcom has started a new series of Resident Evil 7 teaser videos, each showing just a few seconds of gameplay. We already have 4 videos out of a total of 10, and 3 of them feature some familiar systems.

The first video, titled “Mysterious Caller”, is the odd one out. It features an old phone ringing ominously, something that should be very familiar to anyone who played the Beginning Hour demo.

The rest of the videos all show actual gameplay mechanics. The second video, “Shotgun In The Box”, shows the return of the item box from classic Resident Evil games. We can see the protagonist opening a big crate and placing a shotgun in their inventory. Next, “Recorder” brings back the old saving system, only this time it’s a tape recorder instead of a typewriter. Hopefully there won’t be a ink ribbon equivalent.

And finally, in the four and final “Stock Up” video, the main character used a knife to break open crates and remove tape from power boxes. While this isn’t the series’ signature combat knife, knives have always been a part of the RE series, and it’s nice to see one in Resident Evil 7.

Watch the teaser videos below. There are more to come, so be sure to pay attention if you want to see more of Resident Evil 7 before its release on January 24, on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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