Rockstar has upload a new image to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and its official website, which might make you think about Red Dead Redemption. Or at least the Red Dead series in general.

The image simply shows the Rockstar logo on a red background. The shade of red is the same shade used in all of Red Dead Redemption’s marketing material, as well as the game’s official box art. Also, the logo itself seems to be a little worn out in a way that looks pretty similar to the letters on the Red Dead Redemption logo. I find it hard to believe it can be anything other than a Red Dead title.

This teaser comes after a leaked image of what is allegedly the map of Red Dead Redemption 2. Could Rockstar finally be ready to officially announce the long-awaited sequel? Or maybe this is a way for the studio to get us all hyped before releasing a remastered version of the original RDR?

I’ll be happy either way, though I have to admit a sequel would be much more exciting.

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