Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is apparently compatible with consoles and platforms other than PS4. To the surprise of many, some Reddit and Twitter users have found out that the PSVR can be utilized on the Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One and also PC.

This is done by connecting the PSVR to the console of choice through an HDMI cable, triggering the Cinematic mode and giving users images shown as if seen on a virtual 226 inch screen.

Obviously, there are a few setbacks. For example, every other function, like head-tracking, is unavailable, and there’s no audio coming from the headset. However, the sheer amount of possibilities regarding gaming, entertainment and other aspects makes this new discovery very interesting indeed.

It makes you wonder what other surprises the PSVR has in store, and how the gaming and tech communities are going use it. Will we see PSVR being used as a proper VR headset on PC soon?

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