Crytek, the developers of Robinson: The Journey, have announced that their PlayStation VR exclusive title will launch next month, on November 8.

The highly anticipated VR game is now set to launch almost a month after Sony’s proprietary VR headset. Even though it just missed the deadline of October 13, the techno-survival title will still be one of the first complete gaming experiences available on the platform. It is, however, still is a strong contender for the best-looking game to be released on the platform in 2016.

Robinson puts gamers in the middle of the dangerous jungle planet Tyson III as a small boy named Robin. Stranded with no one except his robot sidekick HIGS, he is forced to use all of the technology he has available to him and colonize the world around him.

In the meantime, if another month of waiting for Robinson: The journey is just too much to bear, you can always check out Crytek’s latest developer diaries for the game.

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