Hiveswap, the point-and-click adventure game based around ever-popular webcomic Homestuck, has been an interesting Kickstarter project to follow. From a flying start, raising millions as the Homestuck Adventure Game, it changed around – new name, new developers, new ideas.

Originally the first four episodes were going to be released early 2015. However, things didn’t work out. After almost a year of silence, a new trailer has been released showing off the new 2D style of the game, which most fans have agreed suits the theme and aesthetics of Homestuck a lot more.

So, what does this trailer reveal? In the description, our scene is set:

“Monsters in the yard. Monsters in the house. Monsters in the hall, beating on your door. Your brother’s trapped in his treehouse, so he isn’t going to be much help. You’re going to have to get yourself out of this. But where did they come from? How are you supposed to deal with this? Well, certainly not by cowering in your room.

That’s for, uh, cowards.

First thing’s first. You need to open the door.”

The trailer also showcases the monsters and appears to be some sort of combat system. Finally, the trailer ends with a view of Alternia, the planet where the alien creatures called ‘trolls’ reside. It seems our protagonists have a lot more than monsters in the hall to face…

Act 1 of Hiveswap has a release date of January 2017. Soon enough, players will be able to see for themselves what awaits them on both Earth and Alternia.


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