Ready at Dawn love to create atmospheric, cinematic experiences, as we saw with The Order: 1886. It was only a matter of time before the studio released a virtual reality title, and that title is Lone Echo.

All we know about this VR game is what we see in the teaser trailer above, and on the official site. From the trailer we learn that Lone Echo is indeed an atmospheric title, where you play a maintenance robot in outer space. The story revolves around some sort of an anomaly and its effect on the spacecraft and the crew. There’s also a lot of welding involved.

The site, however, chooses to emphasize the game’s multiplayer aspect, which is a fast-paced “competitive and expressive” sport in zero gravity called Echo Arena. The concept art makes it look a little bit like a combination of the disc battles from Tron and quidditch, but maybe’s it’s just me…

Lone Echo uses both the Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch controllers. Ready at Dawn did not provide us with a release date, but we know it’s an Oculus Rift exclusive at this point.

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