Epic Games has announced Robo Recall, a virtual reality first-person shooter about a robot uprising.

In Robo Recall, you will fight against waves and waves of robots. These TAL robots have gone rogue, and it is up to you to go out there and recall them. With bullets. And occasionally using their own legs to bash in their heads in. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t look like the robots can actually feel anything, so just ignore their cries of pain or prayers to robot heaven, and just blast away.

The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, and many of the robots’ one-liners are quite amusing, as you can see in the announcement trailer. Also, the gameplay look very fast-paced and it should be fun to “teleport through city streets and rooftops in an awe-inspiring ballet of bullet,” whatever that means.

Robo Recall is coming early 2017, and will be free for all Oculus Rift owners. However, you will need the Oculus Touch controllers and sensors to play it, which will set you back around $280.

robo-recall-1 robo-recall-2 robo-recall-3 robo-recall-4 robo-recall-5


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