inXlie has officially launched the Fig crowdfunding campaign for Wasteland 3. The start things off on a strong note, the developer hjas also released the first gameplay trailer for the game, available above.

The campaign is seeking $2.75 million in crowdfunding, which the studio will almost match with $2.25 million from equity. The way things look now, it’s pretty obvious the game will be funded and than some. The first day isn’t even over, and the campaign is already well passed the 50% mark.

If you hurry and back the game during the first 48 hours of the campaign ($20 and above), you will receive a free copy of either the old-school turn-based post-apocalyptic cRPG UnderRail or the point-and-click horror adventure game STASIS.

As we reported last week, Wasteland 3 is aiming to provide a deep story experience, with dialog trees and benching paths. It will also support an extensive multiplayer options that let players either work together and explore the wasteland, or be total jerks and sabotage each other’s efforts.

There are plenty more new features included in this sequel, and you can read about all of them on the Fig campaign page. Or you can just watch the game’s pitch video below.

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