Square Enix has updated the official Final Fantasy XV website with a digital clock that is counting down to an untitled event tomorrow.

The news comes as a surprise because, until now, there has been no word on any sort of announcement about the game. With FFXV’s November 29 release date quickly approaching, it didn’t seem likely that there would be any big reveals until the game finally came out.

The mysterious teaser is decorated with a sewn together mural of the Kingdom of Lucis and a single toy Moogle silhouetted in the foreground. Moogles have a long history within the Final Fantasy series, but until now there didn’t appear to be much proof that they would have a big impact on the story.

There is no real information as of now as to whether tomorrow’s reveal will be Moogle related in any way, but we are certainly hoping it is. As of now, we’ll be able to find out more in 23 hours, 6 minutes and 10 seconds, meaning October 5, at 1pm PST.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on November 29, for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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