Kwang, the magic-infused melee fighter, has finally made his way into Paragon alongside a new skin and patch updates. Check out Kwang’s movies in the breakdown video above.

Patch V32.1 brings a fair few updates beyond the release of Kwang as environment changes have been made to help reduce over all match times. For instance, Core health has been reduced from 6300 to 4500, Inhibitor health has been reduced from 3500 to 2500 and Tier 2 Tower health receiving the same health reduction from 3500 to 2500. There are a few audio enhancements that adjust minor glitches. For a full breakdown of the patch notes, head over to the official Paragon blog.

Additionally, players will receive a new weekly card pack. This week includes the Oasis Key, which provides health and mana regeneration when you are near harvesters; Tele-blink, which equips a blink charm with 15 second cool down; and the Chrono-vore, which provides a cool down reduction and attack speed increase.

Although Kwang’s introduction can be overshadowed a little by the changes made by the patch, players can at the very least enjoy the Silver Ghost Skin from the in-game store.

Paragon is available now for both the PC and PlayStation 4.

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