Fans who were expecting Ubisoft to announce Beyond Good and Evil 2 “any day now” might want to cool their jets. It’s appears that the game does exist, but is still in pre-production.

Another concept art for Beyond Good and Evil 2 was posted on Michel Ancel’s Instagram, showing a humanoid rhino with dreadlocks, a rastacap and googles. This rhino is very similar to Hal, a character from the original title.

However, the interesting part is once again the caption following the image. It reads “Endangered species – now saved – Game in pre-production – Stay tuned”. This comment can teach us two things: Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been saved from development limbo, but it’s still in pre-production.

What that basically means is that we’re not going to see the game anytime soon. Still, it’s nice to know we’ll be seeing it eventually. Hopefully. Maybe. I suggest we do as Ancel tells us and “stay tuned”.

Endangered species – now saved – Game in pre-production – Stay tuned !

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