Epic Games has revealed that the legendary sword wielding hero, Kwang, will be the newest character to join the growing roster of Paragon.

Proving that weapons are useless without the person who wields them, Kwang is capable of immense power thanks to his Legendary Sword (yes that is what it is called). On the surface the character appears to be a close ranged fighter thanks to his melee attacks Light of the Heavens, which surges heavenly energy through his sword to deal area of effect damage and Fury of the Heavens, which mimics Link’s (Legend of Zelda) spinning move as he deals more AOE damage.

Taking the fight elsewhere however, is a specialty of his as he can use his Fury of the Heavens ability to throw his sword into an area that is out of his reach. Once the sword lands, it freezes nearby enemies where they are and then dealt more lightning damage while Kwang teleports in to finish the job.

Last but most certainly not least is his singular defensive ability, Gift of the Heavens. This passive trait fills Kwang’s sword with heavenly energy that actually grants life steal for both himself and nearby allies with every successful hit.

Kwang’s official entry into the Paragon arena will happen on Tuesday, October 3 and like all of the other characters, he will be completely free. Paragon is still in paid early access, but the open beta is available now for free on the PC and PlayStation 4.

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