inXile Entertainment, the creators of apocalyptic isometric RPG Wasteland 2, have announced that development has begun on the sequel, Wasteland 3. This time, it’s set in frozen Colorado, where the player is the only surviving member of the elite group of rangers, Team November.

In a post on the forums, the developers stated that the game “will include revamped combat featuring vehicles, let you lead a Ranger Base, and will have a story with deep choice & consequence that you can enjoy either single-player or multiplayer!” This is the first time that the game is focusing on multiplayer as well as single-player.

“Wasteland 3 can be played as an offline, single-player game, and is built from the ground up with a focus on story and reactivity that makes no sacrifices to the multiplayer experience.” InXiles said. “At the same time, co-op players will enjoy working together to change Wasteland 3’s highly reactive world… or finding ways to destroy what their friend has worked to accomplish.”

Nic and Chris Bischoff, the guys heading the studio responsible for the horror game STASIS, have also been drafted into the prototyping process of Wasteland 3, so big things are expected. You can see their work in the Wasteland 3 prototype images below.

InXile are seeking to fund the game through a crowdfunding campaign on Fig. The campaign will start October 5, and will ask fans for $2.75 million, with equity investment capped $2.25 million. If you want to see this game ASAP, next week would be the time to show your support.

Wasteland 3 is planned for a simultanious release on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

wasteland-3-prototype-screenshot-1 wasteland-3-prototype-screenshot-3 wasteland-3-prototype-screenshot-2

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