Here They Lie, the surreal VR horror game by Tangentlemen, is now a PlayStation VR launch title. Both the game and the headset will be released on October 13 for the PlayStation 4 (naturally).

The release date announcement came with some weird text about someone being stalked by an unknown entity known only as “him”. This entity, along with the others who are “watching all of us”, are no doubt residents of the twisted, nightmarish city players will explore in Here They Lie.

In addition to the disturbing text about darkness, madness and mirrors, we have the game’s launch trailer, which is just as┬ádisturbing if not more so. It is filled with visuals that give me the creeps as is, so I can only imagine how terrifying everything looks in VR.

Here They Lie is out October 13 exclusively on PlayStation 4. A physical version of the game will be released to stores on November 2.

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