Respawn Entertainment’s newest Titanfall 2 gameplay trailer reminds us just how much fun it is to be a Pilot. You know, those guys who are in the massive Titans.

Showcasing the boots-on-the-ground (and sometimes on the wall) gameplay, the trailer highlights all of the fun new mechanics and, of course, the new ways to take down the opposing Titans. The parkour elements of the game are an integral part of how Titanfall 2 is played, and in the trailer we see the expanded free-running abilities that the developers at Respawn Entertainment added to the sequel.

The ultimate teaser within the video, however, was the introduction of a new 1 vs 1 game mode. In this new mode, Pilots will battle it out in a circular arena without any walls. There is no word as to if it will be a best two out of three game style, but it is very apparent that who ever survives, wins.

While destroying Titans, and making enemy Pilots feel horrible about themselves is definitely fun, the official Titanflall 2 blog also debuted some details about how Pilots are viewed in the universe.

In 5 very succinct bullet points, Respawn illustrates that Pilots are an extension of the Titan, as the two work in unison. Pilots are the future of humanity, bringing innovation to the battlefield. They are smarter than other humans, they are more tactical and they know how to move. The last part should seem fairly to gamers who experienced the original Titanfall, as the grunts and specters are mostly intended to be used as meat shields or target practice in between Pilots kills.

Players everywhere can jump back into their Titans and face off against each other when Titanfall 2 is released on October 28, for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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