In response to the potentially lacklustre performance of Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, the company are planning new initiatives going into the new year – details in the blog post here.

“In North America, Europe, China, and Korea we’ll be shifting to a uniform online league format.” they said. “As a result, the players on the top eight teams in each region will be contracted and guaranteed both compensation and regular competition, and you can look forward to more consistency not only in your favorite rosters, but also in the scheduling, casting, and quality of broadcasts all-year round.”

Other info includes the Heroes Global Championship program. Blizzard have stated that they want to play off teams from different regions. Regional players in Taiwan, New Zealand, South-East Asia, Australia and Latin America will get the chance to enter the Championship by winning local events.

Finally, a possibly chilling statement for pro teams, Blizzard wrote “Furthermore, we’ll be introducing a promotion and relegation system so that amateur teams competing in the Blizzard-sponsored Open Division know exactly what’s required to make it into the HGC league. Twice a year, after proving themselves in a series of weekly open tournaments with prize pools, the two best teams from the Open Division will get to pit their skills against those of struggling pro teams, whose spots in the top tier of the HGC are on the line.”

The qualifiers for the HGC leagues begin in November. Fans of Heroes of the Storm looking to get into the competitive scene may have the chance to go far, so best of luck to all competitors.

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