Pokemon GO has had its fair share of incredible stories that were beyond jaw-dropping, like when two guys fell off a cliff, or a woman escaped from being kidnapped. Now, another horror story is shocking Pokemon GO fans across the Internet.

The victim in this incident is a Twitch streamer by the name of Rickeybot, who was playing near Central Park, Manhattan in New York City around midnight. Everything was going well until a random guy approached Rickeybot from behind him, grabbed him and threw him to the ground. We can than see the attacker grab the phone and make a run for it, to the horror of the to the horror of the audience in the chat, who called local authorities.

The mugger’s face was clearly visible to the camera, but as of this time he remains at large, with police still investigating. Rickeybot has since then taken to twitter to update his viewers.

This only shows that gamers need to practice caution and be aware of their surroundings while playing Pokemon GO outdoors, especially at night. And that you shouldn’t do crime. Crime is lame.

We wish Rickeybot a speedy recovery and hope he’ll be back catching ’em all soon.

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