The Last Guardian was heavily showcased at TGS 2016, with a playable demo featuring the little boy protagonist and the cute, yet clumsy baby griffin Trico. You can watch the 15-minute demo above.

The game was recently pushed back to December so the developers can work out a few final bugs, but at least this gameplay segment looks relatively bug-free. The gameplay itself, however, leaves something to be desired. Personally, I think that every interaction between the child and Trico looks like great fun, and there are even very intense moments near the end of the video. The early parts, unfortunately, are a bit boring to watch.

The demo is filled with slow climbing, slow jugging and slow carrying of objects from one place to another. Hopefully these parts only serve to help players get their bearings, and the rest of the game is much more interesting to both watch and play.

Thanks to AllGamesBeta for the footage.

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