After delaying the game by two months, Square Enix came to TGS 2016 to show a brand new story trailer for Final Fantasy XV. You know, just to show what we could have been playing.

Summing up over 50 hours of story, the trailer features a lot of new content and gameplay. However, some of this content may spoil a few of the game’s minor surprises. Consider yourself warned.

A lot has happened to set the events of Final Fantasy XV in motion, including the events of the feature film Kingsglaive, and a history of political warfare. When Noctis’s father attempted to form a peace treaty with the opposing empire, a battle ensued in the protagonist’s home capital, resulting in the death of King Regis and the exile of son to a life on the road as a fugitive.

We also receive new insight into the role of Ardyn Izunia, the impossibly charismatic and undoubtedly evil member of the empire. Although he and Noctis are definitely not on the same side, Izunia is motivated to defeat the hero, hinting that he may actually be helping to guide Noctis towards becoming the true king.

The new trailer is an emotional trip that illustrates the game’s ten years of development. Fans can uncover all of its secrets when Final Fantasy XV is released on November 29, for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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