Crytek’s second development diary for Robinson: The Journey is centered around the details players can find in the game.

Returning to the Senckenberg natural history museum, the developers share their love for designing an entire world without any procedural generations. In order to create the ultimate, believable environment, each plant and tree has individually detailed leaves. The world is designed to scale and the environment always stays in proper perspective thanks to the 3D features of the PlayStation VR.

Crytek’s upcoming exploration title is hoping to avoid the boring nature of other space traveling games by funneling their attention to details into a single planet that players will explore. Through research into the real world’s environment, Crytek worked to make the world more believable by relating it to the one we all live in. The result is a paradise that is completely dominated by a wondrously natural world.

More developer diaries are sure to come, but in the meantime, Robinson: The Journey is still be on track to launch alongside the PlayStation VR this October, exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console.

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