Edmund McMillen, most well known for The Binding of Isaac, has finally given a name to the project he teased several months ago. The project is called Ouroboros, styled 0urboros with a 0 for some reason. It could have something to do with the spherical nature of the levels, who knows?

In the latest trailer, simply named ‘thingy the third’, we can see a little bit more of the gameplay, which seems to focus on fast-paced arcade platforming and shooting.

As McMillen said in an… interesting statement:

“Øuroboros or 0uroboros … is the official title of a project Tyler Glaiel and i have been working on for a little while now.

some of you may remember the main character(s) from a previous game of mine, Time Fcuk … but this is not at all a sequel.. in fact its not remotely a puzzle game at all.

the best way to describe it would probably be like if you took mega man, tossed him out of a moving car so fast it caused a tear in time and space that pulled our existence inside out. your guts being on the outside of your body would make it a lot easier to slide under doors and through the cracks in the sidewalk. writhing in pain as you slide deeper inside the earth, only to find yourself smashed against the veiny eyeball stalks of another iteration of you that seems to have slipped down here years ago. you guys have a long talk about your aches and pains but are suddenly interrupted by the gooey paper thin body of some other guy who looks exactly like you and your new best friend..

“who the fuck are you buddy?” you ask him… no reply..

“hey!, what gives!?” you scream at his elongated mess of throbbing entrails that slightly resemble a face.

“kiss me…” he murmurs, and you do, passionately and with purpose.

far away you can hear a faint voice say “… gay!”

you instantly recognize this voice as your own… loosen up whats left of your body and slide further into the earth, your tears only quickening the descent as you drop out of sight into infinity.

Øuroboros is an action based platformer/shooter with random level generation and the like, ala binding of isaac or spelunky, but… off.

no idea when it will be done, but its nice to have a title and finally give it a voice.”

Whilst this may not be the most concise of statements, it’s certainly building up interest for this new project, and hopefully more information will be revealed soon.

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