Hideo Kojima took to the stage during Sony’s TGS 2016 live show to provide us with more information about his next game, Death Stranding. Although, “information” might be a bit of an exaggeration.

During his 5-minute talk, which you can see above thanks to EuroGamer, Kojima basically confirmed that Death Stranding is indeed a game, and that it will have “things in it”, as Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai so elegantly put it in a recent tweet. If we dig a little deeper, we can learn that these things are actually from another world, and they are stranded in our world – hence the title.

It’s also connected to the dead sea life we saw in the game’s announcement trailer. As Kojima explained (via translator): “Whales and dolphins sometimes conduct mass stranding. If they are alive then it’s ‘live stranding’, if they’re dead it’s ‘death stranding’. See?

Kojima continued to talk about strands and bonds, with connection being a major theme in the game. The dark liquid we see in the game’s logo is actually cords. He than confirms Death Stranding is an action open world games with “a degree of freedom” and online elements. What elements exactly we don’t know.

Death Stranding is currently scheduled to be released on PC and PlayStation 4.

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