Respawn Entertainment has partnered with Particle City to develop a new mobile trading card game in the world of Titanfall, called Titanfall: Frontline.

The TCG is set within the extended universe of the Titanfall series and pits Brigade Commanders against each other as they utilize Pilots, Titans, and an army of other cards to defeat the enemy player. The game can only be played online, as each battle happens in real time with players from around the globe.


Titanfall: Frontline is described as a standalone title that can be played without any prior knowledge of the initial game or its sequel that is set to arrive this fall. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this game is heavily stylized after the imagery in the original title.

Player icons are all modeled after the NPC Brigade Commanders from the original Titanfall that interacted with the players throughout the battle. The card designs are based off of the majorly helpful burn cards. In the original Titanfall, burn cards allowed for various status boosts during battle. In this game however, the cards now feature attack and defense points, with the occasional description of a status boost or ability.

Not much was detailed in terms of gameplay, but the official images that were released (below) do showcase some of the major points. Similar to Hearthstone, players cast minions using mana points. The players can then use their minions to either attack each other or chip away at the opposing commander’s main health. The first to knock out the opposing commander, wins. The images showcase players with a maximum of 20 health points, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Another key feature of the gameplay is the layout of the map. Each player gets their own side of the map that is divided by a small main area that can hold 1 minion from each player. The individual player area then houses what could be benched minions that are ready to attack.

Players can build their decks to accommodate different strategies and with a focus on either the IMC or Militia armies. It is unclear how players will be able to earn new packs of cards, however there does appear to be an official store and a new form of in-game currency. The cards will also feature a leveling system as an individual card’s basic rank will use the  basic stats while the upgraded Rank 2 will feature status boosts like extra attack or defense.

Much like any other digital TCG, Titanfall: Frontline will give players the chance to create a wealth of strategies through the use of a personalized deck system. Their is currently no anticipated release date for the trading card game, but it has been confirmed that it is being developed for both Android and iOS devices.

Players can pre-register to be the first to play Titanfall: Frontline through the official website.

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