Combatants in the Paragon arena will be able to play as the new burst casting hero, Lt. Belica, starting September 13.

The new playable hero mixes different forms of long range combat as her guns allow her to deal plenty of damage over time without getting into the fray. Her gadgets are designed to deal an even more destructive force.

In deploying her void bomb, Lt. Belica can continue to evade an incoming enemy while also setting an explosive trap that will not only kill nearby enemies, but also restore mana with each hit. Her Seismic Assault sends a shock wave through the ground that launches enemies into the air, leaving them defenseless. The lieutenant’s Void Drone is the ultimate peacekeeping utility, as once deployed to an area, it can one shot any nearby players with its laser.

Paragon combatants can download Lt. Belica on September 13 for the full game and the open beta currently available on the PC and PlayStation 4.

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