Live from New York, Sony has unveiled the PlayStation 4 Pro, the next step in the PlayStation 4 evolution.

The heavily rumored console looks to expand on the PS4’s capabilities with the addition of enhanced graphics, improved frame rates and the support of 4K resolution. The design follows suit with the original and slim models, but now sports a third layer to allow room for the improved hardware.

The updated resolution works with 4K displays and allows players to experience a sharper image with greater detail. The new High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities will directly result in improved lighting during gameplay, and more realistic color patterns. Sony like the idea of HDR so much, is will release a patch to add this functionality to all existing PlayStation 4 consoles.

Players without Ultra High Definition TVs will still receive the aforementioned graphic enhancements. They will also enjoy the frame rate improvements, which are designed to help customize the overall performance of the console to fit different screens, while also keeping them from dropping below a certain point. Games like Fallout 4 will now run a lot smoother than before, even if you don’t have a 4K television.

As of now, many development studios have joined in to offer higher quality versions of their titles for PS4 Pro. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone and Mass Effect: Andromeda are among the titles who will get to see their initial release marked with major graphical enhancements on the new console.

Very little was actually announced today, but we do know that the PlayStation 4 Pro is scheduled to launch later this year on November 10, at a retail price of $399.99.


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