Created by D-Pad Studio, the 16-bit-style indie platformer Owlboy has finally been given a release date – after a hefty 9 years of development.

The teaser trailer doesn’t show us much, but what it does show is beautiful and quite alluring, and the release date is stuck on the end for all to see: November 1. Not that far away then.

If the teaser isn’t doing it for you, you may want to take a look at the gameplay trailer too, shown beneath. In it we can see how the game will work – by using your flying skills, you must lift, carry and swoop through levels and puzzles, collecting coins and soaring to ever greater heights as you do.

Owlboy will be released on November 1 for PC. Anyone who loves retro-style indie games must definitely be making a note of this one – after all these years, it must be worth the wait.

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