Here they are – the six new Titans available in Titanfall 2. After introducing them in a trailer, Respawn has released six individual videos starring the new Titans – one video for mechanized monstrosity.

The first Titan we get to meet is Northstar, “a master of both flight and precision kills.” It is armed with a powerful Plasma Railgun and a defensive Tether Trap that can hold other Titans in place for an easier shot. It is also the only Titan able to hover. While in the air, Northstar can shoot a single missile, or use its core ability to fire a devastating barrage of missiles.

Legion is all about suppression, control, and defense. It’s massive Predator Cannon can make mincemeat out of pilots, in both close and long range. it can also deploy a Gun Shield to protect itself from enemy fire while it continues to dish out damage with the Power Shot offensive ability. It’s core ability, Smart Core, lets the Predator Cannon target enemies automatically, so Legion just have to keep firing until everything is in pieces.

Ronin, as its name would suggest, is the one with the sword. It’s a close-ranged Titan that comes equip with the Leadwall shotgun and a massive sword. The sword can be used to block incoming fire, or to launch a wave or lightning that can stun and hurt other Titans. The Titan’s utility is the Phase Dash, which basically turns it invisible and invulnerable for a split second, letting it go in for the kill using the  Sword Core core ability.

Players who want to go on the offensive might want to try Tone. it is packing the 40MM Tracker Cannon, a single-shot gun that fires metal spikes. Nailing an enemy Titan with three of these spikes allows Tone to launch a series of tracking rockets that will follow their target. It also sports more tactical abilities, like a sonar that highlights nearby enemies, and a Particle Wall that can block incoming fire. The core ability, Salvo Core, is exactly that – a salvo of homing rockets that can it multiple targets.

Scorch is for the pyromaniacs among you. It can deploy a canister filled with flammable gas it can then ignite with its Thermite Launcher to deal AoE damage, Scorch also has a Thermal Shield that incinerates all incoming projectiles and pilots unlucky enough to stand in its way. Finally, the Firewall offensive ability launches a line of fire of the the ground in front of it, while the Flame Core ability does the same, only with a wave of fire instead of a line.

Finally, we have Ion and its automatic Splitter Rifle. Ion can also deploy a shoulder-mounted laser cannon, or a tripwire that explodes when something crosses it. To defend itself, Ion has a Vortex Shield that can stop all incoming fire, and then launch it back at the attacker for extra damage, similarly to the Titans in the original Titanfall. Its core ability, Laser Core, lets Ion shot a powerful laser beam that can tear through energy shields, metal and flesh.

There you have it. These are all the six Titans you’ll be able to choose from when playing Titanfall 2’s multiplayer component. Which one’s you favorite so far? I’m leaning towards Tone, since its Sonar ability will sure come in handy, though Legion also seems to suit my defensive play style.

Titanfall 2 will be released on October 28, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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