During a PAX West 2016 Panel, Square Enix has shown new, live gameplay for Final Fantasy XV.

In the footage (which starts at around the 20 minute mark) we are shown even more scenarios and creature that the game’s group of heroes will come across when they enter the Bolouvis Mines. There’s also a new Chocobo racing minigame on display, where the trick is to manage your ride’s stamina, and of course win the race.

Towards the end, we are treated to some all-new footage of Noctis and his gang fight a large mechanical foe. Unfortunately, that is when the footage cuts off due to technical problems.

The development team, including Game Director Hajime Tabata, provided commentary on what was happening in-game, and also took questions for the audience. While the video does end pretty abruptly, it’s still worth watching for all the gameplay footage.

Fainl Fantasy XV is new scheduled for November 29, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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