Focus Home Interactive, the publisher of Vampyr, has released a 15-minute long gameplay video of the game, showing many different aspects of it. We see exploration and investigation, combat, dialogue and even decision-making.

The pre-alpha gameplay was shown to the press during Gamescom 2016, and we also saw the exact same video at E3 2016 a few months earlier. We found it intriguing and unique enough to merit Vampyr with our award for Best Role-play Game of E3 2016. Hopefully, now you can see why.

The gameplay demo is taken from around the beginning of the game, right after protagonist Dr. Jonathan Reid realizes he is a vampire. Now, he is faced with a terrible choice – on who to feed. In the video we see Jonathan exploring a district of London, gathering information about a few NPCs to help him learn more about their lives. Along the way, we see him take on groups of vampire hunters and displaying some of his vampiric powers.

Players will have to investigate the people of London and “peer through their bodies to see the quality of blood that flows through them” in order to decide which person to feed upon. You can choose to feed on a terrible person that you feel deserve to die but suffers from poor quality blood, or you can kill someone “purer” to gain more experience points, but then you’ll have to live with the moral consequences. Each kill will send ripples and effect other NPCs, and maybe even the course of the story.

At the very end of the video, we get a glimpse of what happens if you kill too many people in one district. Judging by the fire, the eerie silence and the wailing undead – it’s nothing good.

Vampyr will come out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.

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