We’ve already met Mafia 3’s protagonist Lincoln Clay and his three lieutenants: Cassandra, Burke and Vito. Now, it is time we meet the people they are gunning for, and the people who are guiding them.

2K Games has released two final trailers in the introduction series – one for the Marcano family that runs New Bordeaux, and one for the mentors that influence Lincoln on his path to either salvation or revenge.

The first trailer, the one for the bad guys, tells the story of the the Marcano family, led by Sal Marcano. He and his three brothers maintain a stranglehold over the city with their operations and goons – operations and goons Lincoln and his budding criminal organization will have to take down.

The second trailer is about Father James Ballard, a sort of father figure to Lincoln, and Special Agent John Donovan, a CIA handler and someone who fought beside Lincoln in Vietnam. These two men offer two different paths for Lincoln to choose from, and will ultimately determine his and the city’s future.

Mafia 3 will be released on October 7, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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