Narbash, the newest hero to enter the arena of Epic Games’s recent MOBA title Paragon, is a melee spellcaster who will lead your team to a glorious victory with the power of music. The new playable hero is an enormous Orc warrior who uses the power of his drums to boost the powers of his team, attack enemies and provide support to huge area of effect.

Narbash can stun or slow down opposing players so that the rest of his team can decimate a group of advancing players. Additionally, his large drumsticks are very useful for beating both his drums and opponents who are foolish enough to get close to him.

Like the rest of the Paragon character roster, Narbash is free to play and is available to download now for the PC and PlayStation 4. Players who haven’t bought the Early Access version of the game can still try him out through the open beta that is already in progress.

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