With only a few weeks until the official announcement, Eurogamer has leaked a wealth of images that they claim are confirmation of Sony’s mid-generation update – the PlayStation 4 Slim.

The leaked images showcase what very well could be the final design for the console, including updated packaging art that is very much in line with the company’s traditional design. The leaked console sports a familiar matte black look with small tweaks such as the power and eject buttons being made smaller and pushed to one side of the system, directly under the logo.

When compared side by side to the original, the slim model appears to be two thirds the size. The pictures do not represent an actual unboxing of the console, but do provide a look at how the console could be packaged.

It is still entirely possible that these images could have been faked, however due to how close the reveal is, it seems likely that Sony could be planning on releasing the console during the holiday season. In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, Sony has already begun to halt the original model’s production and has caused certain retail outlets to actually sell out of their stock.

While this could very well be one piece of Sony’s future hardware, The Wall Street Journal also indicated that much like the Xbox One S and Scorpio, the PS4 will have two updated models to announce. The Slim model that was leaked today is supposedly just the same console with a smaller design, where as the PS4.5, will be the high end system that will support higher graphic capabilities.

Although it could go either way in terms of how real the leaked images are, we’ll find out for certain on September 7, during Sony’s official PlayStation announcement.

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