Thimbleweed Park, the retro point-and-click title by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, has a new special Gamescom 2016 trailer which introduces us to one of the game’s five protagonists.

Delores Edmund is an aspiring 80’s game designer and the heiress to the pillow factory fortune that is the heart of Thimbleweed Park. She moves back to Thimbleweed Park after the death of her uncle, the founder of the aforementioned factory, and discovers something terrifying is happening in the quiet town. Something that involves ghosts, satanism and clowns.

The trailer also shows us a little bit more gameplay, and glimpses of the other four protagonists. At the end of the video, we are presented with a release window of early 2017.

In the wake of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Thimbleweed Park is being developed for PC, Mac, and Xbox One, as well as for iOS and Android mobile devices.

thimblescreen15 thimblescreen20 thimblescreen19 thimblescreen18 thimblescreen17 thimblescreen16

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