Titanfall 2 developers, Respawn Entertainment, took to the floor at Gamescom 2016 to announce that the upcoming game will receive an open multiplayer beta starting this weekend.

Beginning on August 19, the technical stress test will take place on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Although Titanfall 2 will also be released on the PC through EA Origins, the developers stated that the stress test performed on the consoles would provide enough information to prepare the PC servers as well. PC fans will just have to wait for the game’s official release on October 28, or maybe a future open beta that isn’t a stress test.

The trailer, which showcases the beta, welcomes fans back to the series by showing the diverse loadouts available for both pilots and their titans during online multiplayer. The beta will feature two of the new titans, Ion and Torch, as well as new weapons called Mastiff, an immensely powerful and slightly longer ranged shotgun, and a double barreled SMG called the Alternator.

There will also be a few new gadgets entering the arena: the Pulse Blade, the grappling hook and the tactical new ability Holo Point. The blade and grapple abilities were previously showcased at E3 2016. Holo Point, however, is a new addition that allows players to send a holographic copy of themselves ahead in an effort to draw the enemy out of hiding.

Throughout the weekend, fans will be able to try out two game modes on two new maps. Pilots vs. pilots is a slightly upgraded 8 vs. 8 version of the original title’s 6 vs. 6 skirmish, which featured the pilot characters without the use of their Titans. The second mode is a completely new one called Bounty Hunt. In Bounty Hunt, teams of 5 will face each other, as well as hordes of NPC units, and collect a bounty for each kill. Players must then deposit the money without dying into a community bank in order to score points. The first team to fill up their bank wins.

The new maps on display are called Boomtown and Homestead. Boomtown is a secret IMC base for research and defense where the labyrinth of corridors and tight lanes give pilots excellent hiding spots and open areas for titans to unleash their assault. Homestead, on the other hand, is a small commune on an out-of-the-way planet where both teams are fighting for control of a mountainous countryside.

The last of the official announcements from the Titanfall 2 live stream event earlier today were another map and mode that will not be playable until the official release. Amped Hardpoint is a new take on Hardpoint Domination where controlling an area now doubles player scores while they are in control. Forward Base Kodai, another new map, is a former IMC facility that was retrofitted to become a Militia base. The IMC would quite obviously like their base back.

There is a lot of new features being implemented into Titanfall 2 that will definitely give the franchise a refreshing new feel, and players will be able to get an in-depth look at it during the multiplayer beta beginning August 19. Titanfall 2 is scheduled for release on October 28, for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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